Rivka Starck, Psyd

Director of Marketing, Strategy, and Communications 

Dr. Starck comes to ARCC from the Center for Applied Psychology where she was Director of Community Outreach and Health; founder and coordinator of the Monsey Community Coalition for Health and Wellness as part of ACHIEVE (Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and EnVironmental ChangE), a community health change initiative funded by the The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and a staff therapist. 

Rivka’s clinical work has encompassed focal areas and settings including hospice and bereavement, substance abuse, domestic violence, the Rutgers University College Counseling Center, and Montefiore Medical Center’s neuropsychiatry inpatient unit. 

In addition to her clinical experience, Rivka also brings a background in nonprofit consulting, social marketing, market research, and journalism. Prior to her clinical career previous positions 

included work at The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Audits & Surveys, and Co-Editor of Jewish Chicago magazine. 

Rivka holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, and has studied in NYU’s Master's Journalism Program. Her research interests focus on the mechanisms of psycho-social-cultural supports for Torah living. She takes pleasure in applying a systems and cross-disciplinary perspective to her work at ARCC.